Using Envato Elements Music for Commercial Releases

Hi! I wanted to know if we can create a video with templates and music from Envato (via a Personal License) - are we allowed to use this video on a commercial scale? like, put it on TV and Social Media and print it for billboards and posters?

I read that “You get broad commercial rights, so you can use items with confidence on work or personal projects.”

but then I read this for music licenses:

For music Items, the rights granted under this license are subject to the following restrictions:
1. Broadcast use is not allowed. Please contact us if you wish to use the music for Broadcast.

What do you mean by ‘Broadcast use is not allowed’?

Does this mean I cannot play my video ads on TV with the music attached to it? I’ve mixed it up and edited the track according to my own need and made it for my Podcast Promo.

Till now, I’ve only uploaded it on Instagram but I want to know if I can have this played as ads? on all other mediums including TV and YouTube ads?

and if I make such videos for big clients, aren’t they allowed to broadcast the video online or on TV?

Please note that I’ve edited the track , mixed up 4-5 templates and then made the final product. I couldn’t find any clear solution to this.

Here you can check the all the licenses;
TV Broadcast is not allowed with Elements, you need at least buy " Music Broadcast (1 Million)" in Audiojungle.

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so how I get this on Envato Elements? I downloaded the music from Envato?

If I have to get it from Audio Jungle then where are the prices?

Envato Elements is different from Audiojungle.
Every track from Elements is in Audiojungle but not on the contrary.

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okay if the video is strictly posted on Social Media and not TV, is that okay?

NOTE - My client and my own brand would be streaming these ads on a big scale on Social Media. Do we need any extra license apart from my the Standard Envato Elements license for paid Social Media ads?

I will be asking some companies to help me promote my video so they’ll be putting my video up as a story. This video has a track I’ve got from Envato Elements.

Elements just cover the “Standard license” If you need a bigger license, you must buy it directly from Audiojungle.
Here is all the info about the licenses;

I completely understand but I want to know if paid Social Media ads are covered under ‘Standard Licence’ - is it okay to use music for Social media ads? not TV, just social media promotions.

If you are using a music track in a Broadcast project, simply ask your client or producer what their intended audience size is for the production, meaning the maximum number of people the Broadcast has the potential to reach.

And about Promotion;
Most web uses includes general online and streaming-only purposes, such as using the item in an end product uploaded to YouTube/Vimeo, displayed on your website, as part of a browser-based game, etc.
It does not include things like online Broadcast (internet TV, internet radio, etc) or use in “on-demand”, “customize your own product” web applications and services.