A question regarding using music commercially / licensing in Envato Elements

Hey guys I just had a quick question. I’m a musician and I just wanted to ask, how does the licensing work with Envato for commercial use? I had a read of the licensing policies, but I’d prefer to ask my questions straight out in the hopes that I can gain a greater clarification and a direct answer to them.

  1. If I license a beat, and write original lyrics, then compile the two, what can and can’t I do with it commercially? I’ve read the broadcast rules, but I’m not sure if it applies to someone such as myself who mainly releases their content on Youtube or social media. I don’t gig, or do any radio play. Just Youtube and social media predominantly.

  2. If I was to gig and do live shows, does my license allow me to do that?

  3. Does it allow radio play? Or would that fall under broadcasting and would thus require me to contact envato?

Thanks for anyone who helps out. I’ve been buying beats from creators on Youtube for years now and spending a fortune so I’d love if this could be an alternative to that haha. Cheers!

Hi, this is not the right market for what you want to do, as it’s not allowed to add lyrics to create a new song out of a track. Licenses on Envato only cover the sync use of the track as it is, under a video, commercial, etc.

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Many thanks for the quick reply, Lucafrancini! I thought as much. I use envato elements mainly for a seperate Youtube channel I run where I make documentaries, but I figured it was worth the ask for my music project too. I appreciate the help. :slight_smile: