Can Envato Elements Music tracks be used as On Hold

I want to use some of the music tracks from the Envato Elements store.

I want to use them as a music bed, along with voice overs and sound effects.

Does anyone know if the Envato Elements licenses cover this kind of use?

Thanks in advance.

@PurpleFogSound - sorry to drag you into this, but I see your name pop up very often. Do you have any experience/advice with this?


I have no knowledge of Elements licenses. Since I see Elements as the death of us authors, I am really not interested in polluting my brain with their terms.

The only thing I can tell you is that Audiojungle’s licenses do allow such a use.

Sorry I can’t help you more here.

@purplefog - no need to apologise, you’ve actually put on me a great path to find the answer.