Doubt about the license of songs and sound effects

Can I use music and sound effects from envato for a single video work for a major brand that will be released in any country and at any time?

Here you can read all about licenses;

Yes… if the video is only released online and nobody needs to pay to watch it. If it’s anything other than that, for example the video will be broadcast, then you need to check the different licenses in the link above to see which one you require. All of them allow it to be released in any country and at any time, they just vary with regards to the usage and audience size.


Hi @luizanegri!

If the project is being broadcast on TV, Radio, any pay-to-watch platform, or in Video Games, then no, YOU CAN NOT use music nor sound effects from Elements. You’ll need to purchase the appropriate license from Audiojungle. You can read further on what type of license you need in the link posted above.

Hope it helps! :slight_smile:

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