License for audio files

I would like clarification around the term ‘broadcast’ with regards to music files in Envato Elements. We are a company that specialises in Virtual Events and conferences, and we would like to use one of the music tracks from Envato Elements in one of our online events for a client of ours. The video will also be uploaded onto Vimeo and YouTube after the event for people to look at. Are we licensed to use the music in our Virtual Event, or is this considered as a ‘Broadcast?’

The term “broadcast” applies to TV or radio broadcasts. Most internet uses are included with the Elements license.

You may have to register (I don’t know if this is the terminology used in Elements) for the virtual event and then once more for the Youtube upload, though I’m not a 100% on this.

Wow super quick response thank you!! Yes I thought that might be the case, just needed to double check. Some people in the company said the broadcast refered to any media sent over the Internet Thank you again PurpleFog!