Licencing music for an indie film that will be shown on TV also...

We have made a “no-budget” indie-documentary using music from Envato, which we thought were free to use. But; luckily I read the fine prints and discovered that you cannot use the music freely for TV broadcasting. We now have the possibility to broadcast on smaller niche - tv channels also.

It would be a huge job to change all the music we have used. Is there any way to buy the right for the music we have used or will that be extremely expensive? How can we proceed without having to change all the music in the documentary??

Appreciating help!

Kindly, Thea Elisabeth - Soulspace Film


You can get Broadcast licenses on Audiojungle. Most music on Elements is also available on Audiojungle, simply search the author’s name there and look for the needed track in their portfolio. Once you find it, simply select the type of license you require (local, regional or national broadcasting).

Hope it helps!

Thank you! I will look into it.

Also, I understand that this is only for the music… I have used a couple of images and a video clip also from Envato as part of the documentary, but that is licenced for tv already?

Indeed, to my knowledge the broadcast limitation on Elements only concerns music. So, you should be covered for the images and video clip.