Which licence for an advert on Facebook and a small local cinema ?

Hello! I want to purchase 2 songs for a 1:30 min advert for my client. They want to use it on Facebook and show it in a small local cinema, close to their shop. I’m not sure which licence is needed for this, can anyone help me out? I’m from germany, so I’m not sure what exactly qualifies as a “theatrical relase” - does that apply to my case as well or is that for movies, that are released in multiple cinemas?

Hallo @stroggos, die "Music Broadcast (1 Million) ist hier die richtige Lizenz, da diese neben der Webnutzung auch die auch die Vorführung im Kino abdeckt :slight_smile:

Klasse, vielen Dank!

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I disagree with the above advice. You’ll either need the Music Standard license or the Broadcast and Film license, depending on how this “local theater” performance may be classified. The Music Broadcast (1Million) doesn’t have additional permission for theater performance compared to the standard license.

In my opinion, the Standard license would do, as this small local theater could be akin to “indie film & festival” covered by the standard license.

However, this could depend on the type of film being screened there. Some could argue that this use would require a Music Broadcast and Film license, if the films screened after the ad are theatrically released films.

Best to ask support about this.

Do you happen to know the e-mail adress for support? I can’t find it anywhere.

The “Music Broadcast & Film” license is for an unlimited broadcast audience OR a theatrically released film. The project stroggos talked about isn’t a “theatrically released film”, it’s a web release that is additional shown to an audience in a local cinema. I stick to my opinion, that the broadcast license is the one to go with in this case, because it covers additional to the web usage a screening to an audience up to 1 Million.

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The broadcast audience has nothing to do with the audience of a theater, it only pertains to TV.

If indeed Stroggos’ project is not a theatrically released film, then the Standard license is enough.

On the other hand, if the project falls under the theatrically released film categorization, then the Broadcast and Film would be required.

@stroggos here’s a link for submitting a ticket to support.

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