Music - License in Envato vs YouTube


I have a monthly subscription (~30€). I just downloaded a piece of music which did not have P.R.O affiliation and did not have YouTube Content ID registration so I thought this would be the perfect piece for my YouTube video. However, when I uploaded my video there is the following notes for the video -> Video cannot be monetized, Copyright owners -> HAAWK for a 3rd Party.

How come this is copyright piece of music although it says in Envato that it’s not? What would be the way to proceed?



Using unregistered (and thus unprotected) music is always risky. Music advertised as not registered with ContentID are often targeted by fraudsters who fraudulently claim the music as their own.

To avoid such issues and complications, it’s always best to use music from professional authors who do register with ContentID.

You should contact Envato support and the author to let them know what’s going on so they can take the necessary measures to fix this.