Twitch/YouTube - Can I use a 'No P.R.O affiliation' 'No YouTube Content ID registration' file?

I have an annual active subscription with Envato Elements, where I have purchased an audio file.

It states:
No P.R.O affiliation
No YouTube Content ID registration

I’ve created a video, and would like this audio to go with the video. The intended use is for my client to use during their Twitch streams and in YouTube videos (they are located in the USA).

Am I safe to give him this audio file to use without worrying about needing to do anything? Or do I / him need to do something for use on either Twitch or YouTube?

I read the P.R.O and Content ID info, however since this particular file has ‘No P.R.O affiliation’ ‘No YouTube Content ID registration’, is it unlikely that he would get a copyright notice every video that has it? Do I need to mention anything in the description? Anything else?

Thank you for any clarification anyone can offer - as this is my first audio use.

Also on a related note - do you get a copyright notice on every video that uses the same track and need to upload the license for every video that uses it? Or do you stop getting it on future videos once you’ve uploaded the license?


While it would seem that using music that have no ContentId registration is easier for users, as supposedly there is no copyright claim to clear, in reality it is not.

Music that is advertised as being not registered with ContentID is targeted by fraudsters who register it in their name. As a user of said music, you then get a copyright claim which neither you nor the actual author can clear.

This is why you always want to choose music that is registered, so that you know the claimant is the actual author.

In any case, there is nothing you need to put in the description of the video.

As for your related question, the license is good for one video. Future videos will not be covered by the same license and they will generate copyright claims as well.

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Thank you very much for your quick and detailed reply.

That is good to know. Sounds like even getting a ContentID file for my purpose isn’t ideal, as the music may be used in an intro. Getting a license for every daily video seems like an extra step that I’d rather avoid.

Again, appreciate the information, that was helpful, thank you!

In case the license does cover multiple videos, (if the intro is the end product), then there is a possibility to whitelist a given channel. However the author cannot guarantee the whitelisting will remain forever, as it is out of their hands.