Music for All. What kind of music do you like


I am trying to become a musician DJ music for me is an incentive to set the mood motivation drudnyh affairs of my favorite styles is DutchHouse Big ROOM House I am going to try and put your tracks)
And now share with me your any tracks or musicians
PS I’m from Russia so izviniti of incomprehensible English tex it’s translator))))) All Good


I love music with good drum beats or epic music ( this is what people usually call it ).


Big beat electro funk grunge rock. And a lot of movie soundtracks, cinematic stuff. Not a fan of country or western.


80s New-Wave, early 2000s Pop-Rock, Alternative / Indie Rock, Pop-Punk. Also like trance, and the occasional spot of jazz. Rarely classical music.

Don’t like country music, extreme metal, dubstep.


Guys and from whom, and who is your favorite musician, singer or actor


My list of favourite bands and musicians could go on for days :wink:


clear and my favorite musicians here because I love electronic music well, that these people
Bassjackers Martin Garrix Johnny Beast Oliver Heldens David Guetta

if you are interested you can visit my page


Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Prodigy, Bentley Rhythm Ace, Smashing Pumpkins, Pop Will Eat Itself, Senseless Things, Levellers, Ash, Metallica, Fat Boy Slim, Orbital, Propellerheads, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Air, Therapy, Jeff Wayne’s musical version of War of the Worlds, Josh Wink, Utah Saints, Terrorvision… you know, all the good 90’s stuff.