Great Reference Tracks

Hey there,

I was thinking about doing a list of our favourite artists who really master their music genre. I think it could be useful having a collection of reference tracks to use when mixing. It’s also a good way to discover new music :smile:

I’ll start with a real genius you might already know: Trentemoller

I think he definitely knows how to produce and mix bass and sub bass. Buy his album The Last Resort and turn your sub on. Amazing!

Trentemoller you say…hm…sounds like something that does…well,subbass :slight_smile:

Yeah Trentemoller is an absolute don with mixdowns. Really warm, ‘analog’ sounding mixes with hardly any digital harshness whatsoever…

I like referencing Apparat for stereo width,

And if I’m doing a rock+synth tune, No Doubt - Hella Good … is the one…

Thanks for sharing! Nice nickname btw :smiley: Makes me want to play AoE again

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Any project (so huge amount! :slight_smile: ) which has a touch of Bill Laswell’s mixing and sound design. Especially dub-oriented ones.

I found this topic very interesting. I would like to comment on Keith Kenniff
who I think is amazing how he mastered and achieved a very personal style that works well in the media sector (Apple, Google advertisings…) . He works with two most important pseudonyms Helios and Goldmund. He made this kind of cinematic, folk, warm ambient music getting a detailed, colored, low-fi sound. Just shared it because I think it can be an useful reference

Thanks! I’m going to check them out :loud_sound:

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