Nice Mastering technique for new authors

I found this some time back !
i think its really nice for people that dont want to use ready mastering plugins
How to master a track-7 step to Loud


I like the video, it points people in the right direction for mastering. Some of us who have experience in mastering probably understand it more than someone who is new to it mostly because he doesn’t explain what these plugins are actually doing. He doesn’t really inform you how to achieve the sound that you as the engineer are looking for. Just kind of what he uses and what it does. Not really how to use it effectively on your own project.

I do encourage people to watch the video, as it will put you in the right direction with the tools to use but will require artists to go out and research more on these and get a better understanding of the individual tools.

Great share though! Its definitely refreshing for me to watch for when it comes to mastering. That’s probably one of my weak areas I need to work on more.


Very nice post and very nice explained mastering procedure…Obviosly, @AutomationCreations is right considering that most of the people actualy don’t know what each plugin does, but it definitely goes into right direction.Thanks to the share, i can improve and work on some things i love/hate the most :slight_smile: Mastering

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This video explain enough brothers if you compose music you know what a limiter and a multibnd compressor used for. I didn’t post this for someone who is recording on audcity Or Windows recorder :smiley:


There is also a BIG question about mixing and there is very step-by-step explained how to make your mix sound great :slight_smile:
I watched all those videos and the guy is amazing.Everybody can understand it and thats the point :smile:

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I watched all those videos.
All this is very useful for beginners! :blush:

Yeah he is really cool on tutorials. Glad it helped

Despite how I felt about the video I’m glad other members from the community are finding this share useful!

actually if you sit and watch a mix tutorial it will take years ! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Belive me, nothing takes forever if you really need it! :smile:

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I never used multi band compressor on mix buss before. I should try on my next mix

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yeah try it :smiley: