I whant to share )

Hello !
I want to share the fact that music is different)
For example, when you write corporate music, that is, music for stock sites . That is, coprorate music has own nature, own melody structure and harmony)
And when you write music for corporate for a long time, then you develop this style and if you change to a style for example:
EDM - where DJs are playing
pop music songs by top performers such as (Ed Sheraan, Beyonce, Linkin Park, Martin Garrix and so on) is hard !

I believe that this is an initiation into this sphere and it is necessary to give this to a lifetime.
I want to share my instrumental track: I want to go to this level to conduct DJ sets.
But it is difficult to be reconstructed.
Share your experience, how can you want to go or already switched ?

And Say do you like it ?

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That’s cool, man. Catchy and punchy stuff. Go ahead with it!!! :slight_smile:

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Very cool music!!!
I really like this stuff much more than ‘stock-music’
Keep it up=)

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Thank you !

Yeah , it’s new level for me ) thanks ))))