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Hi everyone.

I thought I would start a thread that allows authors to share music related inspirational production/making-of/ tips & tricks videos. I for one find it motivates me to no end when writing music. Whether they’re ‘popcorn’ videos or more in-depth affairs does not matter, as long as they get you pumped creatively :slight_smile:

Let me kick things off with Tom Holkenborg (aka Junkie XL), electronic producer turned composer who really injects something unique into each soundtrack he writes.

This is him talking about the Deadpool soundtrack, and going back to eighties synths.


I was happy to discover Toms ‘Studio time’ videos couple of months ago. It’s very inspiring :smiley:
I’m in love especially with this video, where he shows a raw version of “Run All Night” soundtrack. His music is awesome.


Such an awesome series of videos. It’s rare to get so in depth with a person of such calibre!
Also, his rig is just… :ok_hand:


Yeah… Tom is excellent composer!


Nice videos, guys! Thanks!


thanks for sharing, guys! :vulcan:


Nice videos!
I think this one is pretty inspiring. Not exactly a production video, but interesting anyway:


Hi everyone,
I find this paticular video very inspiring. Especially the ending.
Hope you’ll enjoy!


I found this one quite interesting:


woow! will definitely watch it! So cool to see this people hangin out together :smiley:
Also - Danny Elfman is a great composer, one of the most creative in this sphere.


@randomnoise Nice share, thanks! Reznor’s point about “lab time” is really true… We tend to stick to what we know because of time/deadlines, but there’s an importance to making and finding the time to experiment and learn new things.

Very interesting seeing so many contemporary composers in one place, thanks again for sharing. :slight_smile:


These are all very good videos, especially those from JunkieXL since they give very good examples of creative workflow and planning. YouTube has numerous videos on music for film and media covering everything from orchestral and jazz composition through to EDM, pop, rock and hip-hop. Many videos on music licensing and business as well. Why go to school and owe tons of money when you can go to YouTube and learn from successful professionals for free?


All amazing posts guys!! Completely agree with you @OvationMusic, although there is obviously great benefits to working with your peers, tutors and ready access to equipment when studying formally, there is SO much you can learn with such a collaborative and active audio community online. We should consider ourselves lucky that we live in such an age. Yes times are more competitive than ever, but just ‘doing it’ and learning has never been easier.

This one is from Rich Vreeland, aka Disasterpeace. He’s composed a lot of indie games, but also the soundtrack for ‘It Follows,’ which, he amazingly made almost ENTIRELY with Massive from Native Instruments alone. there were a few analog post processing things going on, but the brunt of it was with one software synth. Inspiring stuff. This is him talking about composing Fez (Indie Game), and using Massive effectively.


Really cool


I was just about to post this! My brother sent this to me yesterday. Amazing insight on music and our human attempt to portray the metaphysical. Love it!


Man, that’s some serious synth work going on in there.