Composers of soundtracks that inspire us

Hello everyone!

Mha seemed a good idea to try to open a post to share things that inspire us and awaken creativity.
The idea is simple. Share a theme soundtrack that reached us in some way, and anyone who wants to can contribute their grain of sand.
So we can know us a little more and who knows if in passing refrescarnos with new ideas.
In this attempt to “brainstorm” I wanted to start with this beautiful theme maestro "Alan Silvestri, delicate and bright that words are unnecessary.
I think the threads often forget just talk music, which is really what we should care and is what we like to do we are here.
I hope you like the idea and we encourage you to share what are the stages and composers that you admire!
Best regards!

All Hans Zimmer’s Music.

Jin Roh soundtrack from Hajime Mizoguchi is pure brilliance

Another japanese composer I love is Taro Iwashiro

And yet another japanese master Taku Iwasaki

And of course Joe Hisaishi (Hayao Miyazaki and Takeshi Kitano movies)

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For me Helmut Vonlichten is the best composer I’ve listen to.

Great guys!

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!

To me it has always loved the music of the late James Horner and especially the soundtrack of Willow of which I have fond memories of childhood

Great thread! Thank you for that music, it made my day!:slight_smile:

The most loud names for me are John Williams,Howard Shore,Danny Elfman,Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL.
They are just insane in what they do)

John Williams

Howard Shore

Danny Elfman

Hans Zimmer

Junkie XL

BravoMusic what you quoted certainly is too big !!!

I share here other popular authors:

Klaus Badelt:

A little more !: Horner (A Beautiful Mind)

One of adventures, the magnificent Michael Kamen:

If you don’t know this composer, you have missed something:

he publishes some score sheets for study purpose!

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I have always thought this was a amazing track and great movie:

And this one:

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John Powell