What's your favorite film soundtrack ever?



Please share! :smiley:

Here is mine: Batman 1989 Theme by Danny Elfman



Hi in forerver magical music for me is " The Lord Of The Rings "


I have many favourites. Here’s one of them. Masterpiece by A.Badalamenti.


Excellent, thanks for sharing! :smile:


“Oblivion” by M83


All time favourite, James Newton Howard’s The Village - all tracks


My two favourite OST are:

“Mad World” from “Donnie Darko” performing by Tears For Fears

and “Funnel of Love” from “Only Lovers Left Alive” by SQÜRL & Madeline Follin


John Murphy 28 days later !

Maybe the Matrix soundtrack too !


Michael Giacchino :vulcan:


It’s difficult to say what soundtrack is favorite for me. Here’s one…:slight_smile:

and this


One of my favorite soundtrack of “Pride and prejudice” by Carl Davis.


How can i forget :slight_smile: John Williams - Hook.


The Mission by Ennio Morricone


I love the 28 Days Later soundtrack!


I’ve always thought the Soundtrack to the Brothers Bloom (composed by Nathan Johnson) is pretty impressive.


For a long time it was the Dead Man by Neil Young.
After tastes changed (to an orchestral side) it was the Transformers score by Steve Jablonsky.
Now it’s for more medieval, the Filipp Traum theme (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0098091/) by Victor Kisin.


It’s the soundtrack to the film "How to train your Dragon"


Nathan johnson is a great musician. I am surprised people know his work. Try to find cinematic underground lost tapes. He wrote some serious experimental rock with this “band” project


John Williams…:heart_eyes:

thanks to each and everyone of you for sharing excellent film scores!


His cousin Rian Johnson is an up-and-coming film director, and I know he uses him for a lot of his projects.

Rian Johnson is set to direct a Star Wars movie… Is it flying too close to the sun to hope for Nathan Johnson’s involvement? I would pay the price of seven tickets just to hear his twists on John Williams’ score.