Hans Zimmer style music

Looking For Tracks Similar To " A Way Of Life " Or " Specters In The Fog " Or Any Similar Music Like Hans Zimmer Style

a couple of suggestions:

thanks a lot …
i have heard them all …
if you listen to track " A Way of life " from movie " the last samurai " … it is this track i need … or any Similar work
for me any music with large powerful orchestra feeling will do … mostly of Hans Zimmer music and not necessary from one particular film … thanks & appreciated

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hello …
anybody can help ??

thanks a lot

I’ll search for a good track as soon as I get back home (in a couple hours) :+1:t2:

You have a great taste, Hans ZImmer is a brilliant composer!


Hi @isasafat
Check this out!


Surely Zimmer style but i dont know if it has the mood that you need!
Good luck :slight_smile:

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Here’s some good themes, with the similar mood and deep atmosphere:

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