Let’s share some of our inspiration! New hot music, ads, videos, movies, great musicians…

Anything that inspires us to write new FANTASTIC music :sunglasses:



Ok! Let’s begin!! My inspiration to all!


Hello, fellas! Joing this thread and also sharing this nice video sort of timelapse!


David Hasselhoff


@RobertSlump Ahaha :slight_smile:


Don Johnson?


This is the coolest music from the last I heard, and the film - just a masterpiece! in my opinion:)))


Check this video, I really like such things, it motivates a lot. :smile:


This is brilliant, great music and sound design!


Here are some videos I’d like to share. True musicianship!

Glenn Gould and Leonard Bernstein Bach Concerto in D minor BWV1052

Daytripper / Lady Madonna (The Beatles) | Songs | Tommy Emmanuel

1st Place Winner* - Yiannis Papadopoulos - Ibanez Guitar Solo Competition

:musical_note: :exclamation:

Other than that, I stumbled upon this too which was kind of funny :sunglasses:

Will Ferrell and Chad Smith Drum-Off


Here we go. Probably the most epic ad for a musical instrument I’ve ever seen.

It’s from revered Swedish synthesizer manufacturer Elektron, and I was so inspired after seeing it, ended up dumping 900 quid on the thing. One of the best and most inspiring bits of kit in my studio.


Nice vids man :slight_smile: Last made me laugh:)


Laughing is inspiring too!


So all the sounds were made with Elektron?

Definitely the most epic ad for a music instrument :slight_smile:


Apparently so. Also the video was directed and produced by one of the development team at Elektron, who’s also an aspiring filmmaker.


Reminds me this guy. :smile_cat:


Seems like a very talented Human being !

I bet he also knows how to cook :slight_smile:


A funny video! Thank you for this wonderful and exciting continuation of a cloudy day!:slight_smile:


For me the most important motivating and inspiring this video, just amazed at what people can achieve if they put a goal!