Hey,what inspires you?
Music, love, travelings, cinematorapgy or another else?

Dirk Weltermann (Waderman) - a great inspiration to me.


There was similar topic a few month ago)
I am inspired by:

  1. My wife
  2. Listening music (Hellowen, Kamelot or other rock, metal, jazz, classic music)
  3. Reading books
  4. Watching films
  5. Morning coffee
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@AlexSnowerLaboratory and what about your source of inspiration?

i am inspired by the way you drink hot coffee with 40 degrees outside you little freak ! :stuck_out_tongue:

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haha. Damn i forget to drink some cofee, today :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for reminding me :slight_smile:

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I am inspired by:
1 My God
2 My wife
3 Listen music ( worship songs )
4 Watching films
5 Reading books
etc )))

Hey Graham. Back to you. Checking trends together. Good team.
More inspirations:

  • A walk with my dog while whistling new ideas into my mobile phone
  • Sitting on my pond…no, not 5 :slight_smile:
  • playing around with VSTs
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Key of my inspiration - life;)

Other music, people, dreams (the ones you have when you sleep), money (a big inspiration for my AJ work).