What keeps you MOTIVATED besides music ? What do you do to regain energy


I’d love to hear what all musicians on AJ do to regain their energy! read books ? watch movies ? because honestly producing even 1 track from scratch does drain you out!

Obviously music is first, it’s our passion, but when tracks don’t sell, how do you ignore that and upload more tracks ? I have seen authors who haven’t sold much but they constantly keep uploading tracks every other day, which is very inspiring. What acts as your driving force, what do you do to have that much energy, read books? watch movies? what do you do to regain your energy, because composing and producing 1 track from scratch does drain you out and if the track doesn’t sell much it kind of makes you to start looking for other options!

Would love to hear y’all.

  1. Morning coffee :slight_smile:
  2. My wife (She is my main inspiration :slight_smile:)
  3. Reading interesting books.
  4. Listening cool music like Kamelot, Helloween or other cool musicians is inspire me)
  5. Wathcing movies or TV series
  6. Sales )) When I get more than 80 sales per month it inspire me ) When I get more than 5 sales per day it also motivate me )

Wish you and other community members a lot of inspiration! :wink:


Great to hear that man! Thanks for sharing it :blush:


Family, my pug and a sunny day :slight_smile:


Great to hear that buddy! :relaxed:


Great point @mindfuzz, about the music playing dual role here, it does inspire you, but working on some, you really get drain out. :sleepy:

I go to classical concerts, opera, and watching theater related TV programs a lot, so in large, it does not correlate to my everyday music work. Of course I specialize in all that classical, orchestral stuff etc. but I can certainly say, that a listener in me lives independently from the “trying-to-make-a-living-with-music” guy.

Not least because of huge compromises you have to make in your work, always, always, even working with great and talented people, there is always a compromise in your views, tastes etc. So when I “listen” to some music to regain strength and feel good etc. I do it as another person than when I work. .


You said it @Soundlufs. Listening to great music not as a musician but as a listener does fill the creativity jar. Thanks for sharing your story :relaxed:


Aside from obvious stuff like taking a break and doing something enjoyable, the funny thing I’ve noticed is that working on other creative projects will inspire me. If I spend the day working on an artistic or design project, often that’s when suddenly I’ll pick up my guitar and write something good in the evening. Kinda funny since it’s when I’m more busy with other stuff that I get more inspired about making music. :laughing: Anyway if you have any other creative outlets or interests maybe they will help fuel your creativity sometimes when you’re not feeling like working on music. Variety is definitely the spice of life. Same goes for experimenting with making music in different styles as well.


Making music doesn’t really drain me out, rather it fills me up so I can go on doing daily chores with more energy. I honestly can’t recalled last time I felt I needed to break away from the studio and do something else to regain energy. Ear fatigue is one thing that stops me from going on for a long time, but really, sitting in the studio is the “resting” part of my day. Having a family and a house is a lot of work, and if it was just to “regain energy” I would choose the studio every time.

However, there are times when I get stuck with a track, get a bit tired or frustrated, and run out of ideas how to make it sound better. Usually what I do is close it down and open up another project, or start a new one. It’s always good to take a short break as well, just a quick snack or a cup of tea, reading the news, or lying down for a bit. Silence can be a great motivator. Picking up another instrument is always fun, or even better, buy a new one. Recently I’ve spent hours just comparing different jazz guitars on the web :sunglasses:

When a track doesn’t sell, usually I don’t care much, other than trying to make a better track the next time. I don’t know if I really have another “driving force” than constantly making more music, I don’t know if that’s a bit sad or if I should be grateful. I have been trying other careers but I always come back to music. What’s interesting though is figuring out exactly what part of making music is the most enjoyable and motivating. It’s definitely not mixing, I can tell :slight_smile: I think I have the most “flow” when I’m just starting out with a new idea that I’ve had in my head for a while, after recording a few tracks and getting a feel for how it sounds. The first hour or so into a new project, I guess that’s where the sweet spot is. Then it’s inevitably a lot of the somewhat boring fine tuning and tweaking, giving it a rest over night, final mix and upload.

Besides music… well I play squash, chess, watch movies, TED talks or a good stand-up. But not as a motivator, I guess. Maybe my ultimate motivator is lack of time, really. Try filling half your day with any other random things of a “chore” or “uninspired” nature, I’m sure you’ll find joy in music soon enough :sunglasses:


go for a jog in the woods and enjoy nature
my mp3 player is never missing


Exercise is always good to clear the mind, I tend to go skateboarding as its a good workout and a lot of fun. meditation is good, although i don’t do enough of this. But sticking on an album you love is a great way to calm yourself and form new ideas. Maybe listen to something similar to what you wish to compose, it’s a great way to motivate yourself! when it comes to creativity, I find it has to come spontaneously for me rather than overthinking it, so giving yourself breaks and doing something other than producing normally works well


Reading books and different tv-series blockbusters. The series is usually a lot of high-quality cinematic music. So I understand what music is in demand.It’ s really inspire me to make new tracks)))))


Like evening jogging with music in headphones - reboots the brain and elevate mood. Also, watch movies - inspirational and motivational or just interesting , thats cool :smile:


Ability to travel. When I think about it, it inspire me to do more great stuff. try to be better everyday. and new toys. I like all kind of guitars: acoustic, bass, electric, ukulele, guitalele. And to get them all I need to work harder :slight_smile: it’s like “how much guitar do you need to be happy? One more.” :smiley:
And of course, everybody wanna have a swimming pool in the backyard, right? So to get there, I need a house with backyard with swimming pool, so yeah, there’s a lot of work in the future


Playing guitar, few gigs a week ,listening some Pop/Rock bands :relaxed:
It’s all about music, music everywhere :notes:


Playing different instruments, casual listening and jamming along with albums helps me. Going for a drive somewhere scenic is good too. For me i also mix other artists music in between my own tunes. I find that very motivating and inspiring. There is alot of talent out there!