Question adressed to other music composers in AJ.
How you seek inspiration and not giving up?
At whom what methods?
Because i write music again. At this time month already…And its a pity(for me) seems Ill begin burning out.And it seems - inevitably.

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There are different sources of inspiration - reading books, wathing films, traveling, listening music, ect.

Alcohol… Lots of alcohol… No seriously, when I feel like I have a dry spell coming, I just listen to a wide variety of music, watch some cool films, draw, write a short story and inspiration will come eventually.


Whenever I feel like burning out, I just shut down everything and take a break doing something else I like to do( other fun activities beaside making music). A day aside from music can do wonders.

There was a blog posted on the envato blog about this a couple of weeks ago.

Coffee helps with focus… but I would listen to whatever music inspires you to want to do music in the first place.

Girls best inspire us . This is our male nature :wink:

Right balance of all the above written and you’ll be fine!



Surf, music, and like @Flowsopher said: alcohol, whisky for me, please. :slight_smile:


Meditation, Exercises and a lot of a lot of music :slight_smile:

Here’s a blog that should help you.

Sex, whiskey, books, documentaries about great musicians, producers and people in general, plus a healthy dose of marihuana!
P. S. Playing and watching footbal is a great inspiration too in my life! Can’t wait for the start of the Premier League, cause i am a crazy Liverpool fan!

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My Dogs & Wife

this is perhaps the strongest motivation and inspiration :v:

Sail and Sex :-]

I don’t get any inspiration I just produce. :nerd: :joy:

But when I do…I produce some more.