How you find your muse of music?

What takes you( i mean all of us) to go so long and make a new music every day?
I just want to share the dream of each of us in this thread.

So. Im first. The music for me - is a main creativity. Case of my shole life. Ive already writed this words a many times and i cant just stop to say it. Without music… I just dont know what else i should to do.

All of my life path lies to this road. And i dont regret for this.
Im glad that my experience is useful for a lot of people who use my works. I glad i make something. And this knowing is push up me to go further. To make something.

Of course i have a my personal dreams and goals. But nothing of that im not reached yet. And i dont know when its happen. Writing right now. At this cold autumn night.

And good luck everyone here.

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Well… At least i tried.

Hi, while music is very important in my life…I have found it good to have a few distractions. I stagnate without variety and inspiration can come from unexpected places. I could be watching something, reading something, doing something completely unrelated to music when a cool idea strikes. So having other things in my life is important to my musical muse. I can’t write new music everyday. It gets stale too quickly. I can create and assemble noises that resemble music but for that truly interesting creativity I have to live a life as well…when I am not feeling the love for music…I just do technical practice…scales and such…which I do whilst doing otherthings like listening to a sports game etc. It’s certainly a fine line to walk because any level of expertise in music requires extreme dedication.


Many thanks for such a detailed response.
It was very interesting to read.
For me, unfortunately I do not have time for anything else. Almost all my free time is occupied by my family and a small child.
On music, I make a few (one to three, usually two) days a week, for which I have to write a few tracks(5-6 pieces), which I subsequently upload here whole week.
That’s how my life looks. And for the last three years it has not changed. To be honest, I can not imagine what I would do without music. Probably would have gone mad.

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