Seems like I lost all my creativity

Hello there,

It has been a while since I logged in to my audiojungle account. I just need some help. I have the feeling that I lost all my musical creativity. i can’t seem to produce something without thinking: “This is crap”. Afterwards I just delete everything. I’m not sure how I can get out of this rut. I just want to have the one special feeling that you get when you produce music that sounds so good to you. Do you guys have some tips for me?

hi, i di not belong to AJ, but let me tell you that i guess it has ever happened to the whole of us at times , and that u are not the only one to ever experience this before , u can rest assured. In my view, u just need to sit back try to listen o what a lot of guys do and inspire from it, so to speak (i mean beautiful music , naturally … lol) and u’ll see u’ll get back on track shortly u’ll come up with new ideas, new music and so on ,everything will be ok, u need to bring confidence back and putting yourself on the line is not a bad thing creatively and unless it annihilates your creativity, so just take your time, work and everything will be alright :wink:

When I’m in a creative rut, I take a break. Do something different, go on hike, meet new people. Sometimes you need a change of scenery to get inspired. Also sleep well, eat healthy and get some exercise. Also part of the creative process is to make mistakes, so try not to be too self critical, experiment more and try different approaches.


Hi, The_Present, Here’s a couple of ideas that have worked for me in the past.
And don’t stress - these ruts happen and they also end!

-Sometimes I try to dedicate time coming up with some new sounds, or finding new instruments I’ve never used before.
Once I play around and realise what a new element can bring to a track, suddenly I’ll be bursting with ideas and a melody just seems to write itself and a project is started.

-Another idea if you’re feeling overwhelmed with the task of composing, producing and mixing a whole track at once, is to open up a previous session that you felt really good about during the writing process, and use the instruments and mixer settings that are already there. That way, the sounds already feel professional, you feel more confident about what you are doing because it has worked before, and all you have to focus on is the composing.

Also, digitalscience makes a great point. Sleeping and eating well and some morning exercise can set you up to feel mega-productive and focused for the day. All you need is one good session and you’ll be on your way to feeling better about being creative! Good luck!

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This happens with all of us.
Take a break. Explore life, the best ideas come from unexpected places and things.

If I stop doing what is mentioned above - eat well, sleep well and exercise - I too get stuck in a rut instantly. It also helps to have clearly written down what result you are after on Audiojungle (and in life too), for example decide on how big income and how big portfolio you are going to have. Then write down the purpose, or WHY you must have this; maybe you want to become financially independent, by doing what you love the most? Maybe you want to live in Thailand, and open up a studio? This will become your fuel to push through any rut.

Another thing that really helps is the mindset of always “producing for the trash bin”. What I mean is, do not expect to make each track better than everything you have made before. You are just producing for the love of producing, and trust that over time your quality will steadily go up as you gain experience.


Do not force creativity - allow yourself time and ideas will naturally come. I took a break for about 10 years and now I cannot stop myself. :smile:


appetite comes while eating :stuck_out_tongue:
Keep refining your ideas
Sometimes a song is finished in over 2 months

Interesting, this is already second topic of the same kind I’ve bumped in today.

I think the biggest problem is critique and perfectionism while creating. You should not have any kind of critizisim in the creative process - just be like a child playing, they don’t really try to make their play something interesting, but their ideas are pretty interesting because they don’t try to meet up with some rules. I heard some child in tram babbling to her mother: “What if Africa was inside China, and China was inside France, and France was inside Finland…” I thought that that’s CRAZY but awesomely out-of-the-box! So forget any rules and self-criticism (or the voice of other’s criticism in your head) and do whatever you want! Maybe then you find the joy in creating and through that, inspiration. :smiley:


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Hey this is an EDM blog but I found these tips really helpful for overcoming writer’s block and start kicking out good ideas again (I’m not affiliated at all with this site) -

HTH, peace


Here are some tips that can work:

  1. Don’t touch any instruments for 3 to 4 days even if you feel that you have an idea
  2. Make something different, maybe your life is looping around the same activities
  3. Make love :slight_smile:

I promise you, just about every one of us gets into musical ruts. This can be one of the most depressing, confusing and challenging times. But you will overcome it.

Personally, I find these ruts are more than likely caused by one thing:
COMPARING what you are creating to what others are creating.

This is MUSIC. There is NO right answer. There is NO better or worse. There is ONLY your expression.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been producing 2 days or 15 years. What you create, NOBODY else will. Embrace this fact.

What you do is special. It is unique, even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes.

Forget money.
Forget mixing.
Forgot genre.
Forget instrumentation.
Forget the “rules.”

Remember yourself.

It is not your responsibility to judge what you make. It it your responsibility to create.
Just allow it to exist and let other people care about if it’s good or not.

Here’s my suggestion:
Stop listening to what you “think” you should listen to.
Or what you think you like.
Or what you think you want to sound like.
Stop consciously studying and comparing and hearing how you might improve. (AKA hearing all the things you’re doing “wrong.”)
Stop trying so hard - stop putting the music on a pedestal.

Obviously we all want to get better or become inspired from our favorite musicians, but not when it overtakes us.

Let yourself naturally flow for a little while. See what you naturally gravitate towards. Take as much time as you need. Maybe it’ll be a week. Maybe 2 months.

Start creating again when you feel it. And I promise you, you will feel it.

But you must allow yourself to get out of this judgmental state and get back into why you started doing this in the first place…

…Because it feels damn good to make music.

It’s all part of the journey. You got this.


Same crap, I have lost my creativity cuz I know in the end my shitty music will most likely get rejected, so instead of getting rejected I simply do not submit anything lol

Hi Present,

There is nothing special, it happens with everyone, I guess. Take a break, do somethings different. Watch movies, play games, take a walk or read a book.

Being creative is something which makes you different from others.Creativity makes a person ,a source of attraction.

I think that you shouldn’t be always focused on creating music that was never before.It is really hard and it can take all your health from you.You can become depressive and uninspired about the whole music\arts thing.
In the moment like this I recommend you to focus more on the people that you are writing for.Think about how your music will bring positivity to their lifes,how it will help other people to avoid their routine.How they will appreciate it.
I think it’s an unlimited source of inspiration and creativity when you think about other people and how you can share your love through the music you make.
Well,It works for me.Maybe it will work for you too.
Wish you to get back in game as soon as possible :wink:


Read the “War of Art” stat…

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Ordered, thanks a lot

I sincerely hope you haven’t stopped creating, even if you’ve stopped submitting. Being accepted into AudioJungle is o far away from the end-all-be-all of creating music.

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