Hey I Going To Be Honest, I Need Help with My Music

Hey I have been trying my best to make a good track over the last 6,7 months now with no success, so I’m asking you what do I need to do and I will do, what do I need to learn and I will learn it just please help me, I’m trying to be the best :100:

Hey, your story pretty much the same like me. I’ve been doing music since last year, just recently I managed to get 1 track approved here and sold 2 times already. But, still, I uploaded lot of tracks ended up with hard rejection. I guess I’ll just gonna forget about every painful rejection and move forward with another vast diversity in music world :blush:

Like I said, maybe you should stay happy doing it because its a passion. sorry but for me its not a win-lose situation but more like win-win situation. Try to step up with another style of music and you might lucky find yourself an enjoyment of music style that you’ll easily make. Cheers! that’s all just my opinion! :slight_smile:

Good luck!!!