Interesting YouTube channels for composers

I’ve been following the Spitfire Audio YouTube channel for quite some time. Mainly for inspiration and a view of what’s up with Spitfire.

Recently one of the guys behind Spitfire Audio, Christian Henson, started his own channel. I must say I find it very interesting to follow his hectic life as a composer and sample library developer. He does some very creative video editing to keep things interesting.

Each video is just a few minutes, but still very inspiring and interesting. His channel is here.

Another interesting one is Ashton Dean Gleckman’s channel where he amongst other things deconstructs famous movie scores.

And of course, Daniel James is always fun to follow.

Do you have any other tips on interesting channels I might have missed out on? Channels you find inspiring or interesting that helps you and your creativity.

Here’s a video from Christians channel

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Hi @AbnormAudio. Thanks for sharing these. Daniel James is great! I’m now a new subscriber :slight_smile:
Two channels I have gained a lot from are:



Thanks! Going to check them out.

If you like composer channels Blakus channel is interesting as well

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Great tips guys!

On a similar note, have you checked out Tom Holkenborg’s (Junkie XL) youtube channel? I had no idea he’d done such mean projects for film before I discovered his channel:

Although the videos are sometimes a bit long, there are some really good tips and tricks, and even some really good ramblings on process and audio philosophy.

Hope you enjoy,


From my expirience I can say that best channels for composers are from developers of plugins and VSTi :slight_smile:
Just go to ProjectSam channel or FabFilter,those guys explain in 10-12 minutes more than other channels can tell in 2-3 hour video :slight_smile:
Also great channel is Think Space Education

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Thank you for sharing useful information!