Music and AI tools - discussion thread

Guys, have you been checking the latest update of It’s insane. I don’t think artist or custom music (films, games, etc.) will be completely replaced but as for stock… I hardly doubt it will last more than one or two years tops. Maybe I’m wrong, but it’s worth checking it out.

I just prompted 4 really cool folk rock songs with and without lyrics. There are some awkward parts, but for a client asking for an effective and rather random background, it does in less than a minute what would take more than a week.

Let’s feed it!
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Is suno’s music subject to copyright? I read that they have implemented an inaudible watermark but if their music is not protected because it is not a human creation, why not reproduce them or be inspired by them, a great source of ideas. it would just be a backlash.

No. Any AI generated content cannot be copyrighted.

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And now, ElevenLabs previews ElevenLabs Music. The musical AI machine is moving faster than most people anticipated. Except for the fact that the legal end/licensing regulations aren’t in place to effectively deal with it, music for stocks and 90% of Envato/P5/Shutterstock’s catalog would already be rendered obsolete.

We can argue about the quality of the output of Suno, Udio, and now ElevenLabs Music all day, but the fact is, the quality today is as BAD as it’s ever going to be, and it will be exponentially BETTER in a matter of only weeks or months. Remember, Suno v3 was released to all uses only on March 21 of this year - barely six weeks ago.

The landscape for stock music and the need for stock music composers will look VASTLY different by the end of this year. If they haven’t already, those who still derive a significant income from places like this should do some significant repositioning.


Let’s hope that TV directors and producers will be less stupid than the average buyer.


Few people around here will remember that when KPM and DeWolfe were the big players in stock music, TV, film, and radio were the average buyers. Bespoke music was too expensive to commission and record, so library music was a godsend. American musicians and the AFM hated it - it put musicians out of work, and who wanted “canned music” anyway? European musicians and their unions accepted it with open arms - they could make a living recording it. It gradually became accepted throughout the broadcast and advertising industries as the cost savings was too significant to ignore.

Mainstream media will end up buying the AI stuff, too—and sooner rather than later. The accountants always win. Look no further than Envato’s sale to Shutterstock for evidence of that. The owners of Envato were wise to sell out when they did; at least they salvaged a little value for themselves. The situation was not going to improve for them.


A hype around AI will be settle down. Suno is garbage as well as Udio. And hopefully will remain garbage forever. Creating static picture is a way simpler task, than creating music composition. So everyone who relied on background repetitive music need to worry. Those who create artistically advanced music will remain in business. I still think idea to sell Envato is not the best idea, but hopefully Shutterstock will bring fresh blood to stagnated platform.


AI music is good as some background music for youtube video and replace stock market music. Additionally, AI music will not be copyrighted, which will make life much easier for YouTube creators, especially if the music is used in opening\intro of each video. There is so much pain in clearing claims or searching for a license when the claim appeared on some old video.
For listening - yes AI music is no go, for now. However, AI music can already be used in radio, for example.


The hype will fade, indeed. But, AI will be adopted as another tool, just as surely as keyboard synthesizers, VSTis and drum machines were. They were once derided as “soulless,” too. Now, we all use them, unapologetically.

We adapt, or we die - same as it ever was. No one need be surprised, frightened, or angry. It’s coming, and quicker than we’d like to think.


Didn’t know about ElvenLabs Music. Impressive.

:wave: Hi! I’ve moved these posts into a new thread, as they were a tangent from the Shutterstock announcement.

Still important to discuss though! This thread is a better place for doing that.



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Scary stuff :thinking:
I feel like I should invest my savings in these companies for a piece of the pie.

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We thought robots would replace humans where hard work is required. People will be inspired and creative. But no! Robots turned out to be creative themselves)))

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Not even scared, just happy to produce music all the time, release on stock, make it alive everywhere and move on. No time for AI stuff.

Get back on your DAW guys, don’t let this destroy your self esteem. Enough doubt after all those years don’t you think ? Just open your DAW, make music, release it, repeat the process. No expectation to have, just enjoy the process, and maybe with luck some good things will happen. But at the end it’s always happening. Don’t be too hard with yourself.

Your portfolio is like your ship, make it navigate through the deep ocean of stock and AI and dumping and crashing market aha, you can only get better by doing it don’t you think ? Hard time give experience and great motivation. Don’t give up, there always room for everyone. There’s room for AI, there’s room for us. That’s how it works !


I completely agree!
Al will be inspired and creative : will compose music.
And we will move on to hard work : we will work as loaders and cut wood.

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aha well done :joy:

Please, continue composing. AI developers need fresh input for their models.

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There is no interaction between the musicians, as in jazz, the piano or the drummer with the chorusman, in classical the impulses of the conductor and above all he will miss the day of worries that the composer spent or conversely the superb day spent which will be transcribed in its creation, same thing for the musicians. No, lA will not know and will never be able to retransmit these emotions, it knows neither fear nor anguish nor love etc.