UDIO Responds to law suit "Our Tech "Listens" to major label songs" LOL!!!!

Udio responds to Law Suit…

WE (Our AI MONSTER MACHINE) is JUST LISTENING to the tracks, not copying them! LOL!

Yeah sure…"we are listening only. Our UDIO AI technology only listens to the music and learns from it.

What a feeeking joke!


It is a lie. They need show how much terrabytes their dataset is. For example, stable difussion dataset above 240Tb. “We are not storing any music\image data”. Lol.

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Regardless: Even if the technology “listens” it is still “learning” from the data and using property that does not belong to them to output AI generated music. It’s still copyright theft.

By The way everyone, do not opt into Envato’s agreement to feed the AI beats unless they pay you $1000 per track. Your track or “item” as they like to call it, not only includes the wave files, it also includes your titles, descriptions, and keywords. UDIO and SUNO are salivating like hungry lions to get super cheap access to all of that juicy, well organized data to create their generative AI offering. Stock Music sites are incredibly valuable for those types of evil companies seeking to exploit dumb artists called “musicians” who happen to be the dumbest business people in the world and love to allow themselves to be taken advantage of for cheap labor,at a super cheap price, even for free, every chance they get.

So, are you gonna be one of those dumb business people that just gives your life work away for pennies?

I hope not! Start the bidding at $1000 per track to teach/ train AI.

Envato, that is my price…

You can not name a price to compensate us, so I will, because “its early in the game and we just don’t know what we can ask for and blah blah blah…”

You will have to pay me $1000 per item, and I will allow you to send it into the AI inferno of burning hell. I have 277 items for license on the market so cut me a check for $277,000 and you can go ahead and feed my music to the AI monsters.

That’s my price.

Music Producers, I hope you make the right decisions about the compensation you deserve to feed the AI devil your intellectual property.

For you to sit back and wait for Envato to issue a super low ball offer is just ridiculous. You know what your items are worth. They are not worth $50 a track to feed AI your entire library of music creation that you single handedly manufactured, and uploaded, and described, and keyworded, and titled!


What is so strange to me is that by calling it “learning” and “listening” they try to put some humanity into it.
Technically you can use those terms but human listening is a conscious process. Their machine is not conscious. It’s misleading.

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Exactly, plus humans work at UDIO and it was humans that initiated that “listening”. The entire argument is pathetic at best. Just so manipulative. Good luck with that in front of a Jury.

Guys what’s happening now is this: The next wave to total exploitation of dumb musicians is to get them to willfully offer their sound recordings, titles, descriptions, and keywords to the AI beast.

You will be manipulated by a low ball offer that promises “A New Revenue Stream”…Sorry, it will NOT work that way. You will get a one and done fee at best and you can kiss your intellectual property goodbye. The AI devil will have it, and it you can NEVER get it back.

So make sure you run away with a lot of money if you are going down that path. There is no sustainable upside to giving your music to AI in exchange for a few bucks per track. These companies have 0 intent on offering a recurring royalty stream.

THE AI DEVIL’s entire goal is to eliminate the royalty paid to human music creators, forever.

Don’t you all get that?

Are you now hearing the alarm bells?

Can you prevent it?

Of course you can…just don’t participate in the bogus low ball offer that Envato can not even make. There is no offer at this point. There is no compensation model in place.
There are no defined laws in place over AI generated music.
The Technology is ahead of laws regulating it.
Don’t you all “get that” ?

Would it not be wise to just stop and wait to see how this mess plays out in the courts on a global level before selling your soul to the devil?

Remember the false promises from the subscription model? Well where did that take us? hmmmmm…Basically it dropped license revenue by 80 to 90%. That model devalued music assets by 90%! Yet dumb musicians embraced it? You gave more power and control to the corporations dealing your music, you willfully agreed to make your music cheap as hell. What were you thinking when you embraced that deal? Now mega cap tech is going in for the kill. They basically are saying “Fok all musicians, let’s just grab all their property, make it ours, and never pay them again”
WTF? Tell me how I am wrong? I will listen to your counter arguments…

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If music, text, art, voices, accounting, programming etc. Etc. From now on is going to be AI only it would be better if governments step in and try to steer this if at all possible.
I remember when the internet was created it was out of curiosity, not immediately with profit in mind.

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They just take all music from Envato for free and other services too. Newer models are capable of removing watermarks.

Agreed, we all know the music was taken or “listened to” by the AI monster, but there are very serious legal risks that SUNO and Udio took. They will lose this court battle. They willfully engaged in copyright infringement by launching their services to the public.

The next wave of manipulation will be “responsible and willful AI training, by those artists willing to participate” …Ok, so suppose we “willfully participate” but at what cost?

You have to put a price tag on it. Envato can not present a compensation model yet they are asking you to “Opt in” to a new business where they “can not say what the author will be paid. We just don’t know at this point…”

$1000 an item is a fair price especially when you know that the goal is to bury royalties paid to human creators forever.

Actually $1000 an item is not even enough!

But sadly, we will watch the stupidity play out in the weeks and months ahead. You will see thousands of musicians agreeing to the worst deals. Some will just give their catalogs for free and “hope” for the best. You watch!

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I think it’s worth opening a specific thread to discuss this particular agreement and not AI in general, or the lawsuits UDIO or SUNO might be facing.

As usual, we have a very tight deadline to make a huge decission: we agree to feed a beast that nobody knows how far can it goes and how much damage it can deal or we just opt-out and accept to be left out of that foggy and undefined income stream… One thing we know for sure is that, if we opt-in, they’ll count on our works ‘in perpetuity’. They insist on this, and it’s one of the few straightforward, clear statements they share in these terms.

I think we deserve more honest information about a lot of shady parts:
Just to mention a few:

How will payments work?

You will be paid whenever Envato receives payment by a third party for the permitted use of your Market and/or Elements items as part of a third party arrangement.
(When is “whenever”? How much is a “payment by a third party”? What share we would receive?)

You will see this additional usage reflected in your Earnings Statement.
How detailed would be that information? Would that information be added in August, immediately after the new agreement takes effect?

Without having full details of future arrangements, we cannot provide you with details of the fee payable to you, the Author.
I think we deserve to know the details of the fee. Would you sell a car to a buyer who says he can’t provide you with details of how much he will pay you and just go sign the deal?

Anyway, I think having a much clear scenario is crucial.


Wormwood, For the sake of an example:

I want your “items” and all the data contained in your items to feed to my AI engine to train it on how to create music that sounds just like yours. I will only pay you a one time fee for your items. I will keep your items forever. I will never pay you future royalties from the outputs that come from your items.

Those are the terms.

How much money do I owe you in this deal?

Let’s make a deal for your 292 beautifully organized items?

What’s your sale price?

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Well, there you have it:

A straightfoward message that leaves a blank to put a fee on individual items or on our whole portfolio.

I wouldn’t ask them to consult the price on us, but at least to give us a clear proposition. With that info on the table we can say: I’m in or I’m out.

So that’s what I’d reccommend we, as a community, wait to see before signing a blank contract.

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I want $277,000 for my 277 tracks. You should want the same too. Only you can decide what your 292 beautifully organized, described, keyworded items are worth…especially when the AI monster gets it forever, and without any future recurring royalties owed to you.

By the way guys, after doing a deep dive into SUNO’s capabilities as an end user…If I were a professional TV editor (and I once was a long time ago) editing episodes that needed lots of music cues in lots of genres…I’d still use a pro music library where the music was created by “real people”.

The SUNO service is slow and does not deliver playlists. If I command the beast to make me a “Tension Suspense” style track to underscore a “crimes and investigation” scene…they deliver me two options.

Professional TV show editors need great music and fast. They need not just two outputs, but rather a playlist of 30 to 50 tracks that have the vibe of “tense and suspenseful” (For example)…so we’ll see how that evolves…

Pro TV editors are also not in the mood to take legal risks when the music is going to be broadcast to the public airwaves on TV across the globe.

The low budget youtube folks who used to buy from us will be ancient history. When they need that synth pop tune for their youtube video, they will just go to SUNO and get it. The days of them coming here to toss a few bucks at a music producer are long gone…Bye Bye!

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Even when recording music from speakers with microphone - its still copying. Converting data from digital to analog, then again digital - no different than copy.
With smart lawyers their claim will not work.
Software cant listen or watch.
AlsoAI cant do something on their own. Actually peoples from AI company run that programm and pressing buttons.


Once and for all, AI is stupid, it only reproduces the data it is given, it does not create. Nothing to do with musical creation. Go listen to this French co-creator of Siri https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuDBSbng_8o&t=992s

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As for me, I disengaged.

There is not going to be an income stream. It will be a one time payment, and Envato will be free to set whatever rate they see fit, as authors would already have accepted whatever.

Don’t expect more than mere handouts. Why would they need to give out more? Anyone dumb enough to accept a deal where the terms of the said deal are not defined, deserves to get conned by Envato.

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Software cannot listen. It can only read and process digital files. Which is copyright infrigment if this done without permission and in softwares not allowed by author or copyright holder.
In other words - AI companies must obtain commercial license for use digital files if this possible by copyright holder. Music services like Spotify or Youtube doesnt provide commercial license even if you wanted. The same with images.

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