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( Envato Quote) Developing generative AI models that use your content.

But if you do not want your content used in this broadened capacity, you will need to remove your content from Envato Market before the changes come into effect on 1 June, 2023.

So, where is the statement made by Envato a few months ago, that ’ We will not submit our tracks to AI developement. " Now is mandatory? That’s another way to end the market?


I for one welcome our AI overlords.


There is little that can be done. AI has already partially replaced 2D artists and continues to improve. The same fate awaits composers. AI already can compose some background music and keep developing. Who knows, maybe AI replace stock market in near future.

AI is going to learn on Envato market for free, authors get nothing out of it? :slight_smile:

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At least Pond5 threw their authors a few crumbs.


Important updates to our Market Author Terms… THE FUTURE IS…NOT SO BRIGHT…
I have the feeling that mankind is cutting of their branch we are all sitting on now very fast.


And, here I go removing all my tracks. And the real reason is not the ‘AI’. There is a ‘hidden’ thingie behind that mighty, scary, AI. Is the permission to sell to 3rd parties. Being out of control of your sales, and getting paid ’ when’ another 3rd party is reporting the sales. Really?! No way. Tadaa.


Here’s a vid on it. This guy seems on top of the AI developments. AudioJungle: AI Will Soon 'Train' Off Your Music - YouTube

What a disgrace.

I haven’t posted here in many years, but I will be removing my entire portfolio and have asked Envato to close my account.

The place is a soulless husk of what it once was and certainly has so few of the core values it espoused in 2009 when I first joined.

The automatic opt-in is an abhorrence.

No mention of any profit-share being passed down to authors whose work the AI has trained on (and let’s be honest why would they). Also a disgrace.

" We believe in providing genuine opportunities to create, earn and grow for creators around the world, and strive to make creative success accessible and achievable for all, both independently and as part of a global community.

Committed to balancing purpose and profit, we support our customers, authors, people, society and shareholders to achieve success. It’s why we’re a passionate B Corp, ensuring the work we do has a positive impact on the world around us."

The above is now laughable at this point.

While I appreciate AI was inevitable and some people will be embracing this, the immediacy with which Envato has gone about it while seemingly going against some of their core values is striking.

I’m so disappointed in the company. As both an author and a past reviewer of items here, I cannot believe where this company has gone to so fast and frankly with this policy I now view it as a stain on my resume. A company that helped me get my feet off the ground in the past is now something I will look at with embarassment.


And the irony here is that eventually this will be the demise of company’s such as Envato as the technology to produce content from AI will eventually be so ubiquitous that any potential client will also have access to both the database and the tech.

Client: “Hey AI, make me video of a company eating itself and include a soundtrack that sounds (almost) identical to Taylor Swifts latest hit.”

15 seconds later…


Stock music platforms are signing their own death warrant.


Well, for the next 1-2 years it’ll be hard to remove human value from music. Sooo, bois, u have at least 1 year to get new skills and make income in a differ way
My thoughts. At first it’ll be great search engine.
Next step - something like midjorney.

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Very unfortunate news to see. It’s been difficult enough, at least for me, here on Envato over the past few years. Sales have dwindled and dwindled. Even with the extra promotional content and interviews I’ve recently done with Envato. But this AI thing is a very grey area for many reasons and I feel this will just make things harder for artists rather than improve on them for artists, unlike what they mention in their email.

Also the mandatory opt-in is ridiculous. Why not give people the option to either be involved or not? Why flat out force your artists to be involved in this thing or leave? Makes no sense honestly.

As @garethcoker mentioned, I’ve been here quite a long time as well. I joined in 2008. And I’ve provided quite a bit of content to this platform and spent a lot of time forming clients and fellow friends and creators. But Envato has definitely started changing from the original message this platform sought out to be. While I understand, times change and evolve and you have to as well to keep up with it. However, this is one of those instances where it feels like it’s shutting out A LOT of people here and making everyone uncomfortable and doubtful in Envatos choices going forward. Especially considering how quickly this happened to show up, almost out of the blue (green?) so to speak.

This mixed with the continued focus on Elements rather than the Marketplace, has all but drained the majority of my sales here. I was never invited to participate in Elements, so the Marketplace is where I’ve called home for my film music (outside of the occasional freelance work). I work hard on what I provide here and contrary to what some may think, I’ve never been able to solely make a living income from Envato. So this feels like a slap in the face for people like me who put a ton of their own free time outside of 50-55 hour work weeks to make content for this platform.

Will be interesting to see if they have anything to say about some of the questions and backlash for this decision.

Alright, my rant is now over friends. Onward and upward.


AI will ravage Envato, so you’re about to get screwed whilst there’s still money in it.
Creators time and skills are now worth less than they ever have been.
Creators have even less motivation to create new work.
Creators will get less with every passing month.
Elements will survive (but only for now).
Dreadful forced opt out policy.
Dying platform.


Though not exactly Haiku, your post is sculpturally excellent.


I believe the type of customer targeted by these markets will soon use only AI. Human-created music will be reserved for high-end products, which are less common in these types of libraries. One possible solution is to focus more on creating custom music, but if it is already difficult to get such jobs, it will soon become even more so due to the influx of authors trying to do the same. One problem I see is how to showcase my portfolio. Even if I decided to leave here (I haven’t yet), how can I prevent others from using my music for promotion on YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.? If I remove my music from all those sites, how can I show what I do? Maybe with professional paid platforms like Disco. It is a time to rethink the future and strategy going forward. Uncertain times are ahead.

We do not understand the problem as is. This is a very complex move, with a lot more ramifications implied. Of course , is greed. Period. According to the late AI implementation in various art field, AI does not generate royalties, because it cannot be considered a human being. That is heaven for any stock-market company, and the end-user. No royalty involved, no headaches, more money for the end-user. So, we will see the AI replacing most of the organic , human, traditional content. Be it graphic, music, video etc. regarding of its quality. Let’s say it straight. How many of the items on this very market have you listened to, laughing because is basically the same idiotic mute guitar, with the same chords, and same instruments? Sounds like an AI to you? What will be the difference? The customers perceiveness regarding quality is close to zero, most of the time. Why would he/she buy a product madr by a real human being? Out of compassion? Pity? Care? Hilarious. People are killed in wars and famine and pandemics and we are watching passively as it happens. Nobody cares! And later, after 2-3 years, when the artists will become buskers, and beggars, a smart guy will implement a ‘niche’ platform, with music made by ’ real human’ , will raise the prices, and will hire us for pennies, and guess what? We will be very, very happy!


Who, in turn, will find themselves in precisely the same situation. Just a little further down the road.

Ouroboros, anyone?

I can see it now, a huge, publicised launch, where AI demonstrates it’s ability to generate new music based on AudioJungle, with a track titled…

Upbeat corporate inspiring emotional.

Featuring a generic guitar harmonics noodle, and a bit of ukulele for good measure.


Hey! That MY track!