Multiple Items Rejected

Hi there!
I recently got a bunch of items rejected by audiojungle and for all of them i got this :

This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.

The email also was telling me that i will not be able to resubmit them (all of them).

So here’s the story.
At first i uploaded those three:

They all got rejected and i searched on the internet, why items get rejected (by this way ) on audiojungle. All the information i could find was about keeping it simple, less is more, that they want specific things etc, so i tried again based on the thing i have learned from my search, and submitted these :

i just checked my email and they got rejected too, with tha same message. I cannot resubmit them, and they do not meet the commecial quality standard etc.
I would think that the problem is the mix or something like that, but if it was, i suppose that they have told me that “it doesnt sound good, fix it and reupload it”.

I am very frustrated because i cannot understand at all what i have to do to get my items accepted.
I have spent some time on listening on top sellers tracks, and i cant tell why mine got rejected.

May it be that i am not already a well “known” seller or something like that?
A while ago i decided to get serious about uploading stock music on audiojungle and make some money but i’m starting to get disappointed and i don’t know if it’s worth trying again.

So it would be very kind of you if you spend some time listening to my tracks and tell me your opinion on why they got rejected and i cannot submit them again, and what to do to get my items accepted.

Sorry for the long post, an also for any mistakes (my English it not my native language)

Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays to all of you!

The first 3 are in a veryyy saturated genre, and also too repetitive, you need to make something very nice to approved there. The 4rth seems a good one but the mix is not powerful and sounds a bit monophonic, also there is a glitch in various parts, and in the end. AJ has become much more demanding nowdays, you have good skills so get better and don’t give up, neither rush to upload something, listen to it again and again till you are completely happy. Good luck patrioti!

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Thanks a lot for taking time on listening to my tracks, and for your your critisicm and your good words about my skills!
The truth is that i hit them pretty hard with a limiter and i think that is the reason that they sound saturated (or/and muddy). I will try to make more “Transparent” sounding tracks in the future!
But still it’s too bad that i cannot resubmit any of them…i guess i have to deal with it and go on

Wish you the best patrioti!

Oh i just realised that you were not commenting on the sound with the word “Saturated” :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with Pandocrator. Most of tracks sound extremely “stock”. They’re not bad at all. But probably Envato wants something a little bit more unique or refined within these genres, and you definitely have skills, so i am sure you’ll get there sooner or later. All the best!

Thank you PhreaSpirit!
From what i understand, i need to find the balance of “unique” and “not so complicated” !
Thanks a lot for your time and words , wish you the best too!

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Thanx!) I would say, try to stay away from all these muted guitars and other typical “corporate” sounds. Nice and moderately melodic tracks are always welcome, but there are just so many tracks like that, so i guess reviewers are sick and tired of it and reject such tracks straight away, unless they’re at least somewhat unique and exceptional when it comes to arrangement, mastering etc. I could be wrong though, but that’s how i see it.

When I mean saturated I mean the market of corporate, not your tracks. As a genre it has milions of songs.