Multiple Exclusive Accounts

I’ve been searching around looking for clarification on this and still feel unsure. Are you allowed to have two exclusive accounts? I’d like to have an additional account with somewhat different branding and content.

Obviously none of the same stuff is going to be on both accounts. I know some authors have 1 exclusive and 1 non but I’d rather just have both be exclusive for the stuff I upload here.

Thanks for the input in advance!

Out of curiosity, any specific reason?

My guess would be know because it defeats the purpose of upload limits.

Some “authors” have 10+ accounts, so knock yourself out!

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Mostly for collaboration projects I have done or will do in the future. It would make it easier to account for sales on those items. Also for privacy reasons, it allows a way to gate access.

Doesn’t seem like there’s anything in the author agreement that would bar you from doing this. The upload limit is also my concern in determining if it’s ok. I know the upload limit hasn’t been around very long so I was just curious if anyone knew for sure what the official stance on this is.

Support would likely be able to tell me for sure I guess, I will try contacting them.