One Author having two exclusive account?

What will be the punishment if I saw one author who has two exclussive account?

At the moment, there is no limit to the number of exclusive accounts. But it is recommended to create 1 exclusive account. The second is not exclusive account (optional).

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yeah this is exactly what they should do … limit the number of account to 2 , one non exclusive and one exclusive … that would avoid a lot of things that we see and that are not right in my view


Really? But for me Aj needs limitation of having multiple accounts.

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You’re right what you say n2n44. They should have limitation on it.

not only about this buddy … in the flyer category , we have some guys posting a lot of things everyday … they post 5,6,7 items per day … who can figure out that u can have a good work on a design , whether this is about teh concept or creation with such a high pace to create “new things”? daily submissions should be limited to one, too, not only the number of accounts … this would push people people into focusing on quality rather than on numbers and teh saturation would not be the same for sure …