More than 1 item for sale, yet more than 2 new items hard rejected

I appreciate the effort of the review team, but their recent trends of hard rejection ain’t cool at all. I have 2 trending items on codecanyon, fintech, and bitmine so I think my items and style of coding are at Envato quality standard. My new items giftworld was rejected today which I believe was quality work and well coded with laravel framework. I first taught it was the category so I changed it and it was still rejected. I am really angry because the review team doesn’t take their time to review my items. You guys can go through demo link to see the quality of my work.

Admin Access:
Admin Login: Username: admin || Password: 1234
User Access:
User Login:Email: || Password: junejune

Honestly, I didn’t understand your item. I think the main factor of rejection is your script marketability.

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its for selling gift card and also for selling and buying of bitcoin, i clearly stated it. there are clients looking for a script like this. Envato should be open to new ideas and that is what am trying to bring into the market like my fintech platform.

Lorem content and text, we do not understand what your landing page is about and what the product dies.

Those are just dummy text, we give room for clients to edit what they want.

So you guys are telling that even if appropriate item description is provided on upload and dummy text is used on demo to tell clients you can change content after purchase which most would, they won’t still approved my script

I think there are other things to the rejection. I had similar issue recently and I couldn’t figure out the main reason until I contact support and they persuaded the reviewer to point out the reasons for multiple soft reject.

Let me point out some for you, if relative:

  • You code must prevent XSS (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • No unused code commenting whatsoever (I mean don’t comment out codes you are not using, Just delete unused codes. I am not talking of code commenting)
  • No external resources allowed (Don’t make use of CDN resources in your code e.g Bootstrap CDN or jQuery CDN etc.(Google Analytics, Facebook, Discus are allowed). Download them and use relatively.
  • Javascript MUST make use of strict i.e “use strict;”
  • No unnecessary use of inline CSS or Javascript (JS with dynamic data are allowed. All dynamic style sheet must be in the header)

P.S: The reviewer didn’t point them out for me this way; I had to figure them out from each review point, just in-case of next submission.

I hope this help a bit.


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I don’t know for sure, but I think you can’t use brand images (Apple, Amazon) without permission…