can't get my first item to codecanyo "hard rejection"

I’m trying so hard to get my first laravel item to codecanyon but i’m getting a hard rejection with no explanation and it’s so frustrating to not know what should i improve or work on to make it, please if anyone can help tell me what i’m doing wrong so i can fix it and work to improve it i’ll be more than happy!

The rejection message
“Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Title” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”

Password: adminadmin

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same problem :pensive:

Hope someone will give us some help.

sure, let’s be hopeful

  • The design itself is a bit bleak and uninspiring. It would benefit from feeling more modern and offering more versatility such as different content layouts, news/blog, a landing/home page rather than users just going straight into the titles list etc.

  • All the example content and titles- where are you getting those and the info about them? Are they copyrighted material?

  • About page is empty

  • The content item page has numerous opportunities e.g. suggested other content, send to a friend etc.

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so for the most part it’s not about the code itself but it’s about the demo? should i create the prefect demo? with pages and all things in right places?

and for the layout, it’s the most comman layout for such a content, readers are not interested in seeing a landing page more than the content itself.

for the numerous opportunities you said i had a plan to put a lot of effort updaing the project and put everything in the right time, to create a clean code for launch, should i start doing it now?

thanks for your time and waiting for your generous response.

It’s about a combination of suitability, design and code.

A stock marketplace is all about the premium value and versatility an item offers and is not the same as building a one off project.

Multiple layouts/splash pages/ etc may not necessarily be common but that’s not to say a buyer might not want to have it, and by including it you are raising the bar of premium quality on offer.

Numerous new authors plan to launch an item with the best intention to add to it once that is for sale - this is one of the single worst strategies possible because

a) it’s tells the reviewer that the item is incomplete and rushed and

b) limits the likelihood of approvals which leads to rejection which then makes it much harder to get approved as it introduces the risk of being blocked without significant change.

That all said definitely the biggest issue here is the design itself and the ownership of that content and titles on show - I’m guessing you didn’t design it all and create the descriptions yoursef?

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The thing is about how these kind of websites are working, i can’t make a complictated 10 layouts for nothing in use, it’s all about the UX, what the user is interset into is the reading and the content itself, i have the content layout and the auth layout which is way too good for the UX for this case in my opinion, if i got you right.

About adding more features when it’s up for selling I just want to do it for 1 main reason and it’s simply (Buyers feedback), like i’m not just uploading a project with no features no not at all, it’s full of core features and optimizations that is fit for it’s main purpose and “more”.

I’m getting 100/100 for SEO, Accessibility and Best Practices in google pagespeed test, like isn’t that what the buyer and reader is asking for instead of 100 layouts with 10/100 of each?

For the design i’ll try to work more on it, adding more layout maybe to pages or something or adding more features to it.

And for the titles and descriptions it’s from my anime list and i’m pretty sure using titles of the most popular titles of manga on the whole world won’t make a problem? and i can change it it’s not a big deal it’s just a placeholder.

@ipanadol and @tanzahost

Both of you have come on here with different topics asking for advice on hard rejections for themes that either are incomplete, or lack the quality that Envato is expecting from authors. Whilst we can offer generalised advice and point out things we feel could be improved, the point is that we do not control or govern the acceptance or rejections of scripts on the marketplace.

It’s a bit like writing a book as an author, and then submitting that book to a publishing house. If you get a rejection, then you try another publisher. If you get second, third, fourth and continuing rejections, then either your book is bad, or publishers are misunderstanding what you are saying. More than likely it means your book is bad (or in this case) your scripts.

@123Simples well i totally agree about what you said, but the thing i’m not understaning is how mine is “incompleted”, each script should be there to serve a purpose and before uploading my project i made sure it’s already serving this purpose with efficient and opimized way to do it. that’s why i was confused about what should i do? like adding more features that has nothing to do with the main purpose of the project itself just to write it down on the description and maybe after it’s already up on codecanyon i’ll get feedbacks telling me it’s useless?


Okay my friend - I have not got lots of time to look at it properly, but take advice from @charlie4282 who made some good points.
Myself the clue to me is in the rejection message:

Now to me that suggests that your submission did not meet guidelines - for example:
Title: “IImanga - Fantasy Comic Heroes” is a title, but it sounds like you submitted without a title.

As @charlie4282 says its a niche market that you have aimed at, and therefore might make it difficult to market.

What I would say as a positive, is that YOU CREATED SOMETHING so in that case be proud!

@123Simples thanks for your reply, i replaced the real title with word title, but the real one is something like this “MangaPress - The Ultimate Manga CMS”.

And why i picked this niche is that there is nothing on codecanyon with same functionality but one script that is outdated with laravel 5.4 and outdated design, so i’m trying to upload my up-to-date project to replace it and people can actually find a good updated project.

Thanks, I built this project and i’ll keep updating it hoping to overcome these problems.

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My advice too when you are building any script, is to make sure that you also allow for SMTP as well as Mailer using PHPMailer. I notice many authors on the platform create scripts/themes just using phpmail whereas a lot of hosting servers are now expecting to need or require SMTP authentication.

But well done and I wish you success soon!

@123Simples you are correct, for now my project support both PHPMailer and SMTP and i added some piece in the documentation telling the buyer how to switch but i’ll start on building the control of it from the database. Thanks again for your kind suggestion. <3

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You’re most welcome - good night :slight_smile: