Monetizing a MUSIC channel

Hi everyone!

It’s been about half a year since I opened an attached profile with niche music. Specifically, it is soft and quiet relaxation music.
My idea was later to make a channel on YouTube and monetize it.
Can anyone tell me if you can currently do such a thing?
Could I upload my Original music and later monetize it?
I have heard several things about new policies on YouTube that have a lot to do with “repetitive content” that confuse me and I do not want to set up the channel and work in vain. I mean to make dozens of videos and upload them so that later they do not allow me to monetize.
In the event that it could not be … What alternatives would you recommend?
Thanks in advance

Someone in the jungle, please? Houston, we have a problem :rofl:

hello, I have a relaxation music channel. it takes 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers to monetize.

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Hi Ed-MusicProductions!
Yes, I had this information, but I’ve also heard rumors that Youtube had introduced changes to its policy, and that currently did not allow monetizing such channels to be considered “repetitive.” What I was looking for is to contrast this information and know exactly what the guidelines are so as not to take false steps.
Find out if you could really monetize without any problems today.
If you could do direct or what you should do to be accepted.
Has your channel been running for a long time?
Would you be so kind as to share it?
Thanks for the reply friend.

Hi !
Good call but I don’t know what to think about it.

I think repetition is more about youtuber contend more like music content. Because in some way music are always différent so I don’t think the music video format is an issue. Maybe it’s just about if you only do vlog about the same stuff ?

Hi Osynthw!

I guess you mean that if I upload original music I shouldn’t have obstacles to monetize, is that it?
Do you think that in this case I should record the music on some content ID platform?
I ask these questions since I don’t have enough of “having an intuition” about it all. I wish I could have certainties.
Thanks friends


Yes this is my thought ! But I’m not sure about it.
About content ID yes, you can, as your music will be mainly for listening purpose, you can choose to protect it ! And maybe earn some extra money on it !
I plan to release this kind of work in few days, this is not ambient music but it will be "relaxed/chill out music, but it won’t be stock, I will upload it on my stock channel account, to have a mixed effect with traffic etc, and I will probably protect this work too !

About monetization, this will be a long process but I see it as a good way to diversify ourselveves from stock, and you never know, it could work ! And bring you some side income, which could be good to complete with stock music one.
Open all the doors you want mate, it will lead to something, this is good idea and good action you decided to start.

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Hello. You can create youtube channel, for example relaxation music channel and upload you music. Also, you can sell the same music on audiojungle.
Youtube have strict policies about repetitive content. Whether your channel will be monetized or not, time will tell. Try to bring new experiences to your listeners.


Thanks for your contribution !
Are we agree that Strict rules about repetition is more about the more “video thematic” things, than music things ? Like each music is different and can’t be copy paste.
What is your thought about it ? Is it about video presentation ? Is it about the cover ?

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The YT community guidelines are very generic in my opinion.
I had a channel for the same purpose, as you. I’ve created presentation videos with my music. About 5 weeks ago I received an email from YT, that my channel is removed for the “Spam” reason. There were no warnings, no emails before. It comes out of the blue. The community guidelines do not explain what “Spam” is. Every of my video was different. I asked in the community forum, what the possible reason could be. One of the “Platin-Members” told me, that a possible reason could be, that I placed a link to the correlating AJ-page for each song. The community guidelines say, that it is not allowed to place URLS to websites, which collect user logins or credit card informations. But taking this serious would cause, that 70% of all videos need to be removed. There’s nearly in every video a link to a website and many of them have a user area with user logins.
I was trying two times to ask YT for a channel restore - no success.
Until today I do not know the reason for the channel remove. I did not get any message or explanation with the reason for it. The only answer I got was:“If you have any questions, read the community guidelines.”

From my experience: If you have no outstanding video and music content (both together!), it’s really hard to get enough subscribers and enough play time. I was far far away fom the 1000 subscribers and the 4000 h watching time - which is necessary to participating on monetizing the videos. So removing my channel did not hurt me too much at that state.
What is really annoying for me is, that I’ll never get an answer for the question, what I was doing wrong.


Well sorry to hear that !
This is really weird. I know lot of people (even the most famous and big YouTuber) doing YouTube videos with url links in descriptions for stock or other selling website, and this is never happened. What kind of link did you provide ?
I use a linktree and it seems to work fine.
Also I always provide the same contend video and nothing never happened to me ?

I got around 100 / 200 plays almost each days since few month, so despite the fact it seems impossible, there’s some possibilities to increase that !

Hello everyone!
I agree with Osynthw that links to the sales page should not be a problem.
Anyway, it sounds pretty tedious to start a process with this purpose and these perspectives.
Should we leave everything to chance, then, or how does the channel get to the final makers of Youtube?

I think you should go for it and give it a try. It’s worth it no matter the result :slight_smile:

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if you make millions of views, you will earn a little money, otherwise it will be wasted, and like on AJ you will be confronted with Indian channels which publish 10 videos per week. for relaxation music, the world leaders were until then the australian “yellow brick cinema” but today dethroned by india.

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system error system error haha! :rofl:

Hi, I really feel sorry for you, reading your description I don’t see anything bad or fraudulent with what you did…
There are big AJ names, such as WveBatsM*sic, who have nice youtube channels, posting their music, and direct links…
I would really insist to try to get an answer from YT; accusing you of “Spam” is not nice :frowning:

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Well this is true in some ways, but thanks to YouTube you can reach traffic on your Spotify account, have better result over time, not only on YouTube, it can grow everywhere as soon as you send people on theses sites etc.
You are right with the idea that’s it’s hard, but I still believe this is worth it :slight_smile:

Yes, it comes out of the blue, without any warning or strikes before. The text in the videos was the music title and at the end an short text: “If you like the music and want to use it in your projects, please see the link in the description.”
Maybe that was the reason? I don’t know. The channel contains exclusively my own music, no other videos. I was using only free animations and got never a copyright strike.

It is not possible to get in touch with any members of the responsible YT team and asking for the reason. The only opportunity you have in that case, is a form, where you can raise an objection for the channel removal. I tried that two times and got always the answer, that the channel will still be removed.

I think, there must be a stronger or harder reason for it, but I don’t know what. I thought sometimes, that someone was hacking my account and uploading forbidden stuff. The thing is: I received that removal email and from there I was not able to check my channel for any content. So I cannot say, in which state they removed the channel. If there was forbidden content, I’ve never seen that.

Yes, YT terms are so generic and contradictory, it’s a lottery.

I had a kids music channel, got monetized a few years ago, and managed to get 2 million views on one of the tracks that blew up (got recommended). The day after I got monetized the payout rate dropped 90% and no contacting support could get any sense from them. 2 million views should attract about 2k dollars - I saw barely $200). Twice in that time, YT changed their policies. (first adpocopalyse and then the kids peado ring scandal) which meant nothing got recommended at all from that moment.

Even today with new channel name and different content, it’s like I don’t exist - it’s a futile experience. When your button gets pressed, it’s game over.

Some of my videos were parody - whilst based on popular things from Peppa Pig to Baby Shark, they were totally original creations including original animation. Eventually, YT decided to pull the monetization plug (I was not getting any views anyway) but claiming non original content.

Going to the creators’ manager support and emails, you get nothing but generic replies, even when you hold your ground and relentlessly reply asking what specifically does not meet the guideline, they don’t even acknowledge your question. It’s shameful.

So… my advice is anything you do YouTube wise, treat it as a bonus if it works and don’t rely on it or let it rule your workflow! Don’t be fooled by everything working on ‘algorhithms’ - same as here at AJ, they may throw up a general awareness, but ultimately there are people who will decide and press the live or die button on your account.