Mockup with AI?

Hi, i see several mockup in search. then i realize or just feeling (one of them) the scene on mockup are made by AI. i’ve read that we can’t sell AI art by it self. but how about using AI to make mockup scene then edit it in photoshop to make editable mockup item?
thank you,

Hi @alolieli

So far, Yes you can use it as items preview.

Please note that just as with any other assets used within your item preview, it remains your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct commercial license to use the asset within the item preview.

  • As an example, you can use AI tools to generate an illustration and use it as a preview image in your blog template, provided the AI license allows you to do this. The image cannot be included in the download file.
  • If your item includes a demo content import, AI-generated content can be imported directly from your server, as long as it is not included in the item zip file .

This guidelines may also be updated, check here.

Please, share here one example of a mockup maded by AI. I would like to see it. I design a lot of mockups, but never used AI to do it. I understood that you are talking about the real mockup scene, not the preview art.