Mockup Images are Copyrighted?

Hi, I have unlimited-Subscription of $33/month. My question is can I use Templates Mockup images to sell my services. Those images are in front of the template or the display image. Can I use it anywhere or is it a copyrighted image?

Assuming that you’re subscribed to Elements, in most cases, the preview images for the mockups are not included but if it’s, please, check the item description page if you’re required to license it again ( I have doubts if the image is included, means, it’s free usually )

If you’re not selling the images, I’m quite sure that there’d be no problem to use it on your website.
If you’re referring to mockup image ( itself ),yes, you can use it

I want to offer design services. That’s why I want to use mockup preview images. I’m not selling images. I just want to use for a preview.

You can use