Mockups in Elementor Templates Kit


I want to sell Elementor templates on theme forest, I did some research, and I think I have all the information to get started, but…

I don’t know about using envato elements mockups in my templates? I want to use them instead of photos.

- Mockups do not include graphic elements, so can I download them, edit them, and put them as sources when i upload my template?

- Can i use preview images of envato elements mockups ?

I’ve seen Elementor templates using mockups, but those mockups are made by the same author as the kit, and they use preview images.

Maybe this is a dumb question, but Envato is strict about resources, so I’m asking before creating.

Sorry if my english is not correct,


Anyone have an answer?

Thank you


I apologize for the late reply as we don’t check forums that often. Questions about policy or guidelines should be directed to the author support team for the fastest answer.

You may use Elements mockups, backgrounds or graphic items in your templates as long as they meet the Elements license. Mockups must be edited or made into original assets, and illustrations or graphics may only be used as design elements or editorial parts of your kit. You may not use other author’s preview images or thumbnails. We require elements assets to be added to a project for your kit and organized into a collection that you link from your item submission description.