mixing tips for solo piano track!

Hi guys, any tips for mixing/mastering a solo piano piece to get a wide clean sound? Thanks!!

Are you recording a real piano?

If not, use a quality VST. Focus more on the composition and dynamics. Bring up to commercial level. Minimal EQ if needed.

Hi flumen, using NI komplete. Thanks for that! I wanna keep the track as simple as possible this time. Thanks for the advice! :grinning: :+1:

I’m curious guys, do you ever get any dropout of sound with those Komplete instruments? Sometimes when I use Gentlemen or similar it drops out with loading too many voices, especially if i’m playing lots of notes at once or pedalling.

I also use the gentleman a lot and never had droput notes yet! I used to have a few when using east west pianos diamond though.

Have you tried increasing the max voices setting?
Not at my DAW at the moment - but I think it’s directly under the instrument name, next to output

Tried increasing max voices, did help a little bit, though at times it went off still. Think it could be a RAM issue?

It’s according to your genre. If classical music you need hall reverb and very little compressor or no compressor at all. Pop/rock need more compressor and EQ. Jazz is half of pop and classical. Try to send 2-3 different size of reverb. Pre-delay for more clear notes.