Mixing Multiple Components From Different Web Templates In Same Project

Hi, good works to all. I’m envato elements premium user. I have a question and i havent found an answer about this topic. Can i use components of multiple web templates in the same project, with copy-paste ? Can i mix the templates and use it for my next project ?

There are a few good components from different templates which i liked. How can i use them all, I’m envato elements premium user, i can licence all this templates for my project but i dont know what i have a chance for mix it within licencing rules ? Thank you.

You can do that but it’s not going to be as simple as copy and pasting code or design - you have to consider styling, potential js or other animated scripts and more

In most cases it’s likely to be wiser to look at how different elements are created and write a more bespoke version within a central parent template