How is the licensing process of a web template and two images downloaded from Envato Elements?

Hello, I downloaded a web template based on next.js and used two images from Envato as slider images for this site. The website project I am currently working on is finished. Should I submit this website project to Envato as the final product and get a license that way? Or should I send a published website link on a domain? I downloaded the license from the license download section in the downloads tab, but how does Envato check whether this is the final product? I read some information from Envato help center but I didn’t fully understand it. What should I do now?

Are you uploading a new item to Marketplace where you have purchased the item from marketplace?

No. I’m not uploading a product, I just downloaded it. The point here is not to upload products and put them on sale. I edited the title to Envato Elements. I downloaded a web template and two images from Envato elements. And my project, which I created with this web template and images, is finished. I am researching what the proper licensing process for these would be. What should I do in this situation? Can someone explain the process to me?

Just keep the purchase code/license within a TXT on your computer, for the future in case of you need. That’s all.