Question RE: combining ThemeForest HTML templates


I just have a quick question for you all – I have thoroughly looked over the licensing agreements but still am a little confused on the verbiage. I know the license excludes extracting certain components of a template and using them on a “stand-alone” basis. However, let’s say I have purchased two templates, each with their own regular license. Am I able to combine some aspects of both to form a derivative of the templates? The product is only for one single-application, of course.


Template 1: Base template

Template 2: I like a certain page layout and/or some feature of the navigation bar. Am I able to use this code in my base template, which is Template #1?

I hope this makes sense, thanks for any help!

In opinion their is no problem in using multiple items part to create a single end product for your or your client single website.

Do you happen to know if Envato has released a statement regarding this line of inquiry?

Can anyone from the Envato support team please provide me with some information regarding my inquiry? Thanks.

Is this for a personal project or something you plan to try and sell here?

As long as it’s not the later then I can’t see why his would be an issue - to be honest you may find that depending one what the feature or element is that you can’t just copy and paste it over and that you’d be quicker and raised to write the code yourself

This is for our firms business website. And yes, it would essentially be taking bits and pieces from one templates css/html files and applying it to another template (both purchased here, under the standard license).

If it’s not being sold here then I am 99% certain you would be fine.

Again though bear in mind that straight up mixing and matching may be harder than expected.

Good luck

I think if you can, but I’m afraid that if you have conocimeientos development’re going to make your page has many conflicts. And probably you do not see them but they’re going to take a terrible headache your potential customers.

That said, if you want you can contact the developer and request additional support or visit envato study

Good luck

You can do as you please, mix it with a design you made yourself, mix it with a free template you downloaded, mix it with something you stole of someone elses website, mix it with other Themeforest products or mix it with something you bought from a completely different marketplace.

You own the file and the rights to do with it as you please. Mix it until you go mad, no one can deny you to do so, not even Envato’s licenses.

Just don’t try and mix work and sell it off as your own! Thats when you do something illegal (By law, not some policy a company invented).

To be in the safe side, I suggest you contact the Help Team and check if the license covers what you want to do.
I’m not sure about this one, but I think you can if you have a permission from the author of the theme that you want to extract what you want from it, since the author is the owner of everything in the theme.