Merge Purchases / Account is Locked!

Not sure what the consensus is when your account is locked, but by reading some of these forums, it is alarming to think that my account which I run a business could potentially be held from us.

The even scarier issue is that the account was locked upon entering payment details on your deposit page.

I have employees and deadlines with jobs to complete using your service which we love and use on a weekly basis, with years of history and activity.

Due to our timeframes and the need for the files we were purchasing, this forced us to create a new account, and make the purchase using a different payment option in order for the issue to not happen again we didn’t try to use the same deposit process as before.

We verified the account, and made the purchase smoothly, all with the same billing info, same domain email address with a different prefix, same everything except the username and prefix in the email address.

How do we get that purchase onto the account which was locked? We are still awaiting a response, but our time is of the essence, even writing this post is cutting into the schedule.

Our ticket is #537744

It would be more helpful to have a specific topic as to why this would happen. In my opinion, it may be due to a verification of security to make sure both parties are protected (which I would agree with why it happened) but to not be transparent about the reasons of how this alert shows up, gives us a sense of complete histeria.

I am anxious for help! We just want to give you money so we can make money!!!


A very concerned Envato lover!

This was resolved 1 day later FYI, thanks Envato!

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