Merge 2 Envato Accounts

Hi, I need help.

I just made a new account and I already put “B” as my new account’s username. “B” is my current personal branding and I use it for work. Then, I found that I have an account before since 2015. I completely forgot that I have it. In there, there is my item which I sell (and my earnings, too). My old account’s username is “A”.

How to change my old account’s username from “A” to “B”? I want to use that account again. I will delete my new account once I can change the username. I will use my new account’s email to my old account, too.

Thank you very much.

Contact support:

Hi @Creattive. Thank you. I did yesterday, but still no response. That’s why I asked in Forum, too. Maybe there is someone who can help. Anyway, thank you very much for your help!

Support takes a few days, be patient.

Username changes can be done via support. Email changes should be possible as well. I don’t know if it is a problem if the username or email has been used for another account before, support will be able to tell you that.

If you have any items on Account B and want them to be on Account A, then I can tell you there will most probably be some issues with that.

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Luckily, no item at all on my B account since it’s really new. I only changed the username. No author account, no earnings, etc.

I read on another forum post that if we delete a new account, we can re-use that email again. But, no information about the username. I am still waiting for their response.


with envato support you can delete your new account and then you can rename your old account username. envato will not merge 2 accounts.
To rename your username go to your envato account then Settings => Personal Information
there you will find:
Your username , email and password can be updated via your Envato Account settings.


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Thank you for your help.

Can I delete my new account manually maybe? Since I still don’t get any respond from Envato Support. If can’t or if no option to do that, it’s okay. I will wait for Envato Support Team to respond me.

Please wait for envato support reply, they will assist you. they will reply all open ticket one by one and for week end Saturday & Sunday may cause some delay to reply. Thanks

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