Envato, how do I change the account name?


RENAME: thejoseph

why the subject is not inherited from old to new.
Why subject post pale color.

You can update it from your Envato account here: https://account.envato.com/

You changed your username before, so for this time you will need to contact the Help Team here and ask them for a username change.

Hey guys! I found the answer to my question. and I sent the information… I hope I is replaced by the…

thank you… see youu :slight_smile: good bye:)

Unfortunately, I can’t change my name still … :frowning:

Did you get in touch with the Help Team and they rejected your request or what?

No I did not get any information. I just got a mail. An automated robot mail. other than that, I don’t have an edit link at all.

It’s fine, just wait for a few more days, they will probably respond to you after the weekend.
But, why do you want “an edit link”? have you changed your mind?

No it’s not. I gave him my new name. I think will be replaced automatically. I just remembered the correct link is not necessary. I’m going to wait. I hope changes.

@OsamaSayegh thank you. good bye :slightly_smiling: