Envato Market username & forums!


Hi there!
Couple of days ago I asked support team for changing my username, 17 hours ago, support team responded to my request and changed my username.
However, in forums, my username hasn’t updated to my new username yet! :disappointed:
Is it matter of time to get my username updated or should I contact support team?
Here’s my profile.


Thanks @osama_sayegh we’re looking into it :slight_smile:


Hey @osama_sayegh please click the “Sign Out” button at the top right, and then click “Sign In” again.

This should log you in under your “new” username. Please try that and come back here to let me know if it works.


Yep, it works. :smiley:
Thank you @dtbaker, appreciate it. :hearts:


so from when dtbaker working for envato support?


I’d be pretty bad at support. haha.

I’m a volunteer forum moderator - so I can basically disable spam :slight_smile: haha.


hahaha :smiley: makes sense