Menu Icons conflict

Hi there! We have used the “Infinite” theme on our website for years in tandem with a plugin called “Menu Icons​” (which allows us to set icon images next to the links in our top bar menu) and we have never had any issues. However, recently the GoodLayers Core plugin has started conflicting with the Menu Icons plugin for unknown reasons.

View this screenshot to see the ​Appearance > Menus ​ page with the GoodLayers plugin disabled .
You will notice the “Icon” option that appears in each menu item where I can select/remove an icon for that menu item. That is the interface that the Menu Icons plugin adds.

Now view this screenshot of the same Appearance > Menus ​ page with the GoodLayers plugin enabled .​ Pasteboard - Uploaded Image

You will notice that the “Icon” option is completely missing now, and I can no longer select/remove an icon to place beside that menu item.

​How can I resolve this conflict so that I am able to add & adjust menu icons ​​​while still using the GoodLayers Core plugin? (I have reached out to the developers of Menu Icons but they are unable to debug this because GoodLayers Core is a Premium theme.)

​Thank you very much for your time!

Hello! Only the author of the theme you bought knows how to customize it. The best way is to contact the author of the theme/plugin. This is a forum. It is unlikely that the author will see your message here

Hm. How do we contact them to get support? The theme’s support page here says

My support has expired. What should I do?

When your support pack has expired, you won’t be able to create new tickets anymore. You can purchase support extension in item page. It will be on the right side : Monosnap ( more info: Envato Forums )

But neither of those links work. The second one just sends us here to the Envato Forums.

Ah, we found the “message” box located on this page as the video you linked indicated. Thank you for that info, we will wait to hear a response from the Author!

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