Existing issue not fixed and support expired.

Hi everyone, I purchased a theme around 6 months ago. A month or so ago, the client contacted me and said the mobile menu stopped working so I contacted my theme’s support. Usually the author gave detailed explanations but this time they requested a login to the sites admin, fixed the issue and said they didn’t know what happened. After this latest WP update, I checked and the mobile menu is broken again. But with support expired I can’t even contact the author to tell them this happened again. As far as I’m concerned this is the same issue as before that wasn’t resolved, so how do I get support?

Hello @liquidair156

Better to renew support but you can still contact author from items comment page or profile page, It depends on author if they help or not if support expired.

How to contact an author



Thank you Codelayers, I was able to email them.

Regarding renewing support, I would be inclined to do that if it wasn’t something that was an issue when support was active. Besides, if I have to pay $50 for support every time there’s a WP update because it breaks the mobile menu, the problem is with the theme, ya know? Also, and I stress I do not think the author of my theme would do this, but what’s to stop an author from designing a “feature” that breaks after support ends just to force people to renew? That’s why I think Envato’s ticketing system should remain open but allow the author to determine if its an issue that requires renewing support or not.

Thank you for your help!


Contact envato support if you are not satisfied.