GLB Theme issue

I want to edit the industry fields in GLB theme , Glb - Responsive Multi-purpose WordPress Theme, WordPress - Envato Elements but don’t know where to locate it, please explain how i can see and edit it.

You need to install the theme either locally or live on a WordPress installation. Once you have that working and the necessary plugins installed then you will be able to edit content

Hello, Thanks for your feedback Charlie. I’ve installed it and the plugin on my website, the problem is my inability to know which menu/plugin i will use to configure the industries, i’ve checked virtually every part of the theme and wordpress dashboard, but i can’t locate it. Can you please guide me on it?

It’s impossible to say without seeing the admin.

You should check the documentation or else ask the author Envato Market Help and Support

i later saw it in the pages, each was made as a page. Thanks so much.

Following the ticket thread below, find below some question for your attention:

  1. I want to enquire about how i can add theme Blog categories to GLB.
  2. I accidentally deleted the header menu, please advise on how reproduce it.
  3. I try to enquire on the support page of the theme developer, but its requesting for the envato purchase code. I don’t have this because the package i did is a subscription from envato. I try to find a way to message envato directly for the details, but i can’t even locate them. Please advise on how i can do it.

I await your response.

You need to contact the author