I need solution for my wishlist and mega menu

good morning. I need help from theme support to resolve some issues on my Shopify store.

The “wish list” icon represented by a heart located in the header is not working. another question is in the magnifying glass displayed in the header, when I click to search for the product a list of recommended products appears, but this list is empty. I need to find out where I can add products so this recommendation list doesn’t end up like this.

Another problem is the Mega Menus, they are not the same as in the demo, some are off-center and the display is very different.

If you can help me solve these questions I would appreciate it

Yours sincerely,
Endel Barney - Unique Variety

Follow the attached images to facilitate understanding.

The item support is being provided by the item author and the forum is for general purposes. You need to contact the item author for the support you’re looking for: