Media Replacement in Mogrts bug?

Hey authors!
I think I found a significant bug in the new “media replacement” feature in mogrts when opened in Premiere Pro…
When a media is replaced with a video, it does not hold it’s starting point (the timecode it should start) but starts from the very beginning of the sequence…
It’s okay when the media is replaced with an image, but if a video is used, it is most possible that it will only show a freeze of it’s ending…
Does this happen to your media too?
I already reported it in Adobe, but it will help if more users ask for a fix…


yes, recently I also detected this issue, so far I’m also searching solutions for this

there is also one option to this problem, We have to create mogrts for every SCENES one by one the importing it in premier pro and making them by order, but it takes ages to finish for one project, and I have no idea how solve for CONTROLS for all compositions

I got an answer from Adobe.
A workaround is:
to move the beginning (In-Point) of the layer containing the footage to where you have your CTI, then the media in Premiere will begin at this point in time instead of at the beginning of the Mogrt. It can’t be trimmed… it has to actually begin at a later point in the timeline.”
Of course, one will have to rematch all keyframes & effects to the placeholder composition of the footage, especially when this comp is nested within other comps and also slided in time…
I tested it and works okay… :slight_smile:

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hi, Steve thanks for solutions!

But I have still no idea how to do it, can you please record some tutorials about the process, if you can i would be very grateful:)

The solution is very easy.
1. Move your Current Time Indicator (CTI) to the timecode you want your video to start.
2. Slide your media (that will be replaced) to this point (CTI)
3. Do not trim or retime (Premiere Pro does not support those functions)

Here is a reference image:

And a useful tip I got from Adobe:
Simply double-click on the Media Replacement Thumbnail in the EGP in Premiere after you drop the new media in-- this will open up a hidden sequence where you can do anything you want in that sequence! You can add effects , and you can retime!
You can even edit multiple clips in this duration!
I hope this helps.


wow! thanks so much! Now all is clear to me! Thanks a million!